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Project Description


Banana kick milk

Nutrition Facts

Volume : 200ml

(Per 200ml)

Calorie Carbohydrate Sugars Protein Fat
165kcal 26g(8%) 24g(24%) 3.9g(7%) 4.8g(9%)
Saturated Fat Trans Fat Cholesterol Natrium
3.9g(26%) 0g 10mg(3%) 75mg(4%)

( ) : The figure in the blank is the ratio to the nutrient reference

Product Features

① The snack called ‘Banana kick’flavored milk that is a national snack and mega-brand
② ‘Banana Kick’ powder is added to milk, which gives you a heavier flavor and richer taste than conventional milk.
③ Milk that brings memories to the generation who enjoy banana kicks and a new delight to the students and young people.