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From its start in 1978 to March 2007, Purmil has established itself as a dairy company by making hits such as “Bifidus,” “Milk with Black Soybean” and “Purmil Ganachoco Milk” as a subsidiary of Lotte Group for about 30 years. It was spun off from Lotte Group in April 2007 and changed its name from Lotte Milk to Purmil in 2009.

In addition to its existing dairy business, Purmil advanced into the beverage business by launching V12 Vitamin Water in 2008, and by strengthening its capacity in the meat sector through the establishment of the new Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs, it has set the stage for growth through diversification of business. At the same time, the company has made new products that use fresh and healthy ingredients to settle in the market, especially its flagship lactobacillus fermented milk bifidus, which maintains double-digit growth every year, leading the fermented milk market.

Under the slogan “New Start New Challenge,” Purmil will develop into a food company of trust under the corporate concept of creating a new food culture through the development of new products and spreading the freshness of nature through active exploration of new markets.

The symbol of “Purmil” represents a pure and vibrant young brand of motifs reminiscent of green forests and vast land. Just as young shoots grow into trees and later form large forests, we express our desire to become a leader in the food industry that is loved and trusted by our customers. So we wanted people to look at the blueness of the sky and think about the green and healthy nature of the sky, and to communicate with consumers the trust of the Purmil and bluish products.

The “Purmil” symbol visually reflects the Purmil Co., Ltd commitment to realizing customer sentiment through human warmth and customer-oriented thinking. Symbol marks represent Purmil Co., Ltd in communication with customers through products and serve as a motif to symbolize the mental integrity of the Purmil family.

The company, Purmil C.I. (Corporation Identity), contains the will of Purmil to love nature and respect humans.

Purmil puts our customers first and we’ll impress them with the best products.

Milk business

Purmil has been meeting our customers with the highest quality products since 1978.

In the milk section, we produce traditional products such as ‘Sanlock Milk’ and ‘Strong Bone High-Calcium Milk.’ We have also led the processed milk market by producing hit products such as ‘Milk with Black Beans’ and ‘Purmil Ganachoco Milk.’ We’re not complacent, and we’re always trying new things for our customers, just as we’ve launched our Cafebene coffee milk in partnership with Cafebene.  In the fermented milk sector, the company continues to grow with its flagship lactobacillus fermented Milk “bifidus.” We are leading the market for lactobacillus fermented milk by steadily releasing new products using fresh ingredients, and we will continue to explore new markets.

Beverage business

Purmil entered the beverage business as its first attempt to diversify its business sector. We’re here to greet our customers with high-quality drinks for their health, such as Honey Jujube, Hut Tree Tea, and Purty.

A meat business

Purmil is in the meat distribution business. We provide affordable, high-quality pork with our own brand of Purdon. It currently distributes domestic money, imported pork, and imported beef, and will further diversify future items and trading lines.

Purmil is constantly thinking about new business areas, and will continue to grow with customers to establish itself as a trusted food company.